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Which Hair Restoration Treatment Is Best For Me?

Which Hair Restoration Treatment Is Best For Me?
January 2023

Are you considering a hair restoration treatment but are unsure which one is best for you? Whether you’re looking to restore your full head of hair or just want to cover up thinning areas, there are a variety of treatments out there that can help. From ARTAS FUE Hair transplants to PRP hair restoration, exosomes therapies, and more, there is always a treatment best suited for different hair restoration needs.

The ARTAS FUE hair transplant is one of the more popular options for hair restoration surgery. A doctor uses special needles to extract small, individual follicular units from the back and sides of your scalp. These follicular units are then planted into thinning or balding areas. Ideal candidates are men with balding or thinning hair on the top or frontal portions of the head.

Sometimes referred to as the ARTAS robotic transplant or FUE robotic transplant, this procedure is considered minimally invasive. It does not require an incision or stitches to close the scalp. It also has a faster recovery time compared to more traditional methods. The ARTAS FUE hair transplant tends to also provide the most natural-looking results, allowing the patient to wear his hair as short as he likes due to minimal scarring.

The PRP method is a more recent development and a highly effective treatment for thinning hair. The procedure involves harvesting platelets from the patient’s blood, which are then activated before injection into the scalp. The activated platelets stimulate the hair follicles and promote new hair growth. The procedure is a non-surgical treatment requiring no incisions or needles.  The physician even performs the entire procedure on an outpatient basis—usually in less than an hour.

PRP treatments work best when the patient catches his hair loss in its early stages. The number of treatments required will depend on the patient’s overall medical condition and the severity of their hair loss. 

Exosomes are nanocarriers that enhance the body’s ability to carry certain growth factors to areas of the scalp experiencing hair loss.  It’s a highly effective treatment for men suffering from male pattern baldness and alopecia areata, or for people whose hair follicles are functional yet dormant. It’s also a great choice of hair restoration for men who are:

  • Too young for conventional hair transplant surgery
  • Men searching for a more natural, non-surgical solution
  • Those who have tried other hair regrowth treatments in the past with little or no success

Exosome therapy is the latest buzzword in hair loss treatments. Perfect for those looking to keep their mane full and lush without resorting to surgery or taking medication, this innovative treatment is gaining traction with hair-loss sufferers everywhere.

But what exactly is exosome therapy? Simply put, it’s a non-invasive method of extracting cells from one area of the body and delivering them to another via tiny vesicles called exosomes. These microscopic particles work to nourish hair follicles, promoting healthy growth and helping patients regrow their locks. It’s all-natural with no harmful chemicals—just powerful regenerative medicine!

Hair loss is a common problem among many people, but did you know that hyperbaric oxygen therapy could be the solution to your hair woes? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also known as HBOT, is often used in conjunction with other hair restoration procedures to maximize effectiveness and reduce recovery times.  The process involves subjecting the body to an atmosphere with higher-than-normal atmospheric pressure, which stimulates the growth and healing of damaged tissues and hair follicles.

This revolutionary technique works by introducing more oxygen into the scalp, which increases blood circulation and speeds up cell regeneration. Therefore, HBOT helps encourage new and healthy hair growth. The improved blood flow to the scalp also nourishes existing follicles and encourages them to grow thicker and stronger. In addition, Hyperbarics therapy can help reduce inflammation in the scalp, promoting healthier hair growth overall.

It’s clear that there are lots of different hair restoration treatments available. Depending on your goals, budget, and lifestyle, one option may be more appealing than another. Hopefully, this article has given you the information and resources to make an informed decision about which treatment is best for you. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor or qualified healthcare professional for additional guidance.

So, go ahead. Take the plunge. And start restoring your hair today!  For more information on hair restoration for men—and the many available treatments— contact The Medical Man Cave today!

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