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Transform your locks at Medical Man Cave with our cutting-edge approach to hair transplant that leverages the latest technologies.

Reclaim a thicker, healthier head of hair as our expert team crafts a personalized, non-invasive solution to help you level up your mane game.

PRP treatments harness your body’s healing power to stimulate and accelerate follicle growth, revitalizing areas of thinning or balding.

This treatment delivers 100% oxygen to stimulate an increase in follicle strength and accelerate new hair growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main ways to promote hair growth?

There are two high-level approaches that our patients (men and women) can take to rejuvenate their hair: surgical and non-surgical. The primary surgical method involves hair transplant. We offer a state-of-the-art robotic procedure that harvests existing hair while maintaining the appearance of your donor area.

What is the nonsurgical hair restoration process?

For patients looking to avoid surgery, we also offer non surgical hair rejuvenation by restimulating your hair growth and stopping that devastating hair loss.

How do I know which type of procedure is best for me?

Patients will consult one-on-one with their provider to determine which procedure type is best for them. Part of this consultation includes a camera-based assessment of follicle strength and availability. This detailed evaluation sets the foundation for a customized transplant plan.

What sets Medical Man Cave’s hair transplant procedure apart from others?

Medical Man Cave offers a revolutionary approach that decreases follicular shock, utilizes cutting-edge technology, including Artas Robots and unique hyperbaric therapies, providing unparalleled advantages in healing and faster, thicker hair growth.

How does the hyperbaric chamber contribute to the hair transplant process?

For transplant procedures, we create sites to implant the transplanted hair. It takes approximately five days for vascular regeneration or simpler blood flow to the new hairs. With hyperbarics, we force a high concentration of oxygen to the follicles that in turn decreases hair shock and stimulates hair growth months sooner. Hyperbarics also stimulates cell regeneration and healing.

When can patients expect to see results, and how long does the process take?

While the full transplant journey is typically one year, individual factors such as age and healing processes influence the timeline. Throughout the first month post-transplant, hair loss is common, though follicles remain. With hyperbarics, anywhere from 30% or more of the follicles can immediately start to grow new hair.

Who benefits most from non-surgical hair rejuvenation?

Non surgical procedures are ideal for those with smaller areas of thinning or no complete balding. Both men and women can benefit from non-surgical processes. Medical Man Cave’s non-surgical approach prevents future thinning, awakens dormant hairs, strengthens weakened strands, promotes new hair growth, and accelerates growth speed—all delivered through injections and topicals. The non-surgical approach can also improve the donor areas and greatly decrease the size of future FUE procedures.

CaveMan Tip: Remember to consult with your qualified Medical Man Cave provider for personalized advice and information based on your specific situation.

Absolutely EXCEPTIONAL. The team is so welcoming, they do everything they can to ensure you are comfortable, and they have gone ABOVE AND BEYOND anything I could have ever expected in order to ensure that I was happy with my hair transplant results. If you are even so much as on the fence of deciding where to go for a hair transplant or any other procedure, you would be doing yourself a giant disservice by not going with MMC. These guys are THE best in the business.

Hair Rejuvenation Client

Medical Man Cave is amazing! The staff Laura, Sydney, Gerardo, Dejah and of course Dr. Karnitz did my hair procedure with precision, expertise and care. Their level of professionalism and care is unparalleled to any other clinics doing similar procedures. The results are amazing. Any questions or concerns I have had have always been addressed. I’d recommend Medical Man Cave to anyone looking to do a hair transplant procedure.

Hair Rejuvenation Client

Dr. M and his staff have provided a first class experience catered for men. His staff is extremely knowledgeable and provide 5 star service. They kept me informed every step of the way and answered all my questions and concerns. I loved using their lounge between treatments for my hair transplant, I can’t wait to return so I can enjoy a beer or whiskey. Finding a place specifically tailored for men is not easy and Medical Man Cave knocks it out of the park. I highly recommend their services

Hair Rejuvenation Client
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