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Everything you need to know about Hyperbarics for Hair Restoration

Everything you need to know about Hyperbarics for Hair Restoration
January 2023

Are you looking for a new way to restore your hair? Then hyperbaric hair restoration could be the perfect solution! Hyperbarics therapy is an innovative, non-invasive method of restoring thinning or balding hair with natural-looking results. This procedure uses concentrated oxygen to stimulate and activate the body’s natural healing and growth processes while nourishing and rejuvenating the scalp.

What is hyperbarics hair Transplant therapy?

Hyperbarics is a medical treatment that involves the use of a hyperbaric chamber— an airtight cylindrical container in which the air pressure inside gently increases and decreases to various levels. The process of hyperbarics involves exposing a person to greater than normal atmospheric pressure, usually between two and three times the normal amount. This increased pressure helps the body absorb oxygen more easily into the bloodstream, which aids in the healing and recovery of dormant hair follicles.

When undergoing other forms of hair transplant surgery, patients can also take advantage of the hyperbaric chamber before and after the other procedures to expedite and enhance the overall healing process.  This combination of treatments promotes increased blood flow to the scalp area where hair follicles are being transplanted while also aiding in the overall post-surgery recovery by providing more oxygen to tissues throughout the body.

Benefits of Hyperbarics for Hair Restoration

The core principle behind hyperbarics is the use of air pressure and oxygen to enhance bodily functions. During a treatment session in a hyperbaric chamber, patients will be exposed to increased levels of oxygen which can have several positive effects on their physical condition, including:

  • Improves blood flow and circulation throughout the body
  • Increases overall energy level
  • Reduces scalp inflammation, which aids in hair follicle and tissue regeneration
  • Substantially lowers post-surgery swelling and pain associated with other hair restoration techniques
  • Minimizes bruising and scarring
  • Enhances overall hair transplant results without needing multiple revisional surgeries

Side effects & risks of the hyperbaric chamber

For those considering a hair restoration or hair transplant procedure, the use of hyperbaric chambers can be both beneficial and slightly risky at the same time. Firstly, if you happen to be claustrophobic, then hyperbaric oxygen therapy is probably not for you.

Secondly, another of the most common side effects of HBOT is ear pain—which can occur due to changes in air pressure inside the chamber that cause fluid buildup in your inner ear canal. Other possible side effects include temporary vision issues or slight nausea. However, these symptoms usually go away immediately once you exit the hyperbaric chamber.


Hyperbaric therapy is an innovative, non-invasive technique that will help restore hair growth along with your natural self-confidence. Patients often see results within just a few weeks, making it an attractive option for those looking to quickly regain their hair.

Hyperbaric therapy is an innovative technique that—when used in combination with other hair loss treatments—will enhance and maximize results.  This revolutionary procedure will also reduce recovery times and help you and your friends see noticeable, natural-looking results quickly.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has already helped countless individuals achieve their desired appearance, with many patients reporting successful hair regrowth within as little as six months. To learn more about how hyperbarics can help you regain your confidence with a full head of hair,  contact The Medical Man Cave today!

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