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About Medical Man Cave

A Place A Man Can See A Doctor

Medical Man Cave is a premier men’s health and wellness clinic dedicated to providing exceptional, male-focused medical care. With offices in Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Tampa, and West Palm Beach, Medical Man Cave offers an array of services in a mountain-chic setting, ensuring the highest quality, unique healthcare experience for men.

Dr. Steven Motarjeme, Medical Director

Dr. Steven Motarjeme is a highly skilled physician with exemplary training and over 25 years of experience providing outstanding patient care. A Chicago native, “Dr. M” received his medical degree from Loyola Stritch School of Medicine and went on to complete 3 residencies at the prestigious Ohio State University.

He is an innovator and has always been on the forefront of medicine, from opening multiple laser and aesthetic centers in the infancy of the aesthetic boom to starting cutting edge Cardiovascular Hospitals and Hospitalist/Emergency Trauma programs across the country. He also co-founder the second largest Telemedicine company in the world.

With his diverse training and years on the front lines of medicine, Dr. M has become a dynamic physician with impeccable surgical skills and a keen eye for aesthetic detail. In addition, he is a sharp diagnostician and problem solver.

His observations about medicine have led him to open Medical Man Cave…a clinic just for men – a place that offers privacy and comfort and encourages men to see the doctor and be the best that they can be.

To provide an unparalleled experience as a trusted partner in male-focused healthcare and aesthetics.

To provide you the best healthcare experience. We always place your medical needs first and foremost.

We continually implement new practices to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our patient’s information.

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